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The Life of an Expat Working Woman in Dubai

Women are increasing in positions and many women are business owners. It is common to find many local women working in teaching and healthcare professions.

In the case, you’re a single woman and looking to settle and work in Dubai or other Gulf emirates. It’s necessary to comprehend the local culture since the culture influenced the lives of working women in the region.

When western culture influenced the Arab society in the Gulf region, the concept of working for women is becoming standard. Today, it is common to find many local women working in teaching and healthcare professions. They’re also working women in the banking, offices and other sectors.

Nevertheless, foreign women looking for a job in Gulf region include Dubai, they should bear in mind that the city is culturally influenced. Therefore, it is necessary for every woman to have some general knowledge about the cultures and traditions of the Arab world before starting a career here. Also, you must have knowledge about local laws and the respect for their customs include the dress code for women.

Male workers yet out-number working women in Dubai, women are increasing in positions, and many women are business owners. If, you’re a woman in Dubai on husband’s visa where you’re not allowed to work legally, and you want to work in Dubai. It’s necessary for you to obtain a work permit from your future employer that will allow you to work in Dubai legally. Also, you will require a No-Objection Letter from your husband to work in a Dubai company. In short, your husband can only sponsor you to live in Dubai, but if you want to work in Dubai, you’re required a work permit to work in a local company and also an NOC from your husband.

Dubai’s societies are deeply rooted in Islam culturally, Islamic laws are being followed in Dubai. The Islamic fabrics of UAE societies have influenced the behavior of colleagues and co-workers at some level if not in everything. The working behaviour of local Emiratis is very friendly as per instructed by Islam’s ethical principles.

There is the restriction for non-Muslims to consume alcohol to private accommodation or licensed bars, hotels, and restaurants. That means you’ve to respect local culture which is non-alcoholic.

You would have seen two types of dresses for working women in Dubai. The first one Emirati women wears, the black Abaya. The appearance of Abaya-wearing women in Dubai is usually judged in line with Islamic principles, if not judged with local traditions. Although, local traditions and customs are due to Islamic values and practices. You might have seen Abaya-wearing women in many other countries that are non-Arab Muslim dominated countries. Therefore, it is common for many people to judge with Islamic practices.

In short, the culture of Dubai is influenced by Islamic values and practices. Some abaya-wearing women even cover their faces in Dubai. It is Islamic obligatory upon every single Muslim woman to cover herself exception of her hand and face, covering the face is optional.

The second one, of two types of dresses, is worn by expat women in a business organisation. The second one is business attire which should match the local values. Means, you probably have seen women are wearing business suits with trousers or a long skirt. In some establishments, you would see the instructions for dress-code for the workplace, that is, what to wear and what not to wear. If you’re a working woman in Dubai, you should avoid tight clothing since there is no customary for people to see bare arms and legs, they would stare at you.

Females, there is an increasing number of working women and women coming to Dubai for work. There are branches of professions where women are yet rare relatively, such as constructions and engineering.

Friday and Saturday are weekends in Dubai; the regular work is from Sunday to Thursday. The Friday is Islamic holiday when Muslims go to the Mosque to pray for a weekly prayer. Therefore, you’ll find most Arab will not do business on Fridays. Most of the offices are remains closed on Friday, and some are also closed on Saturday.

Finally, in conclusion, the best advice for women coming to Dubai for work is; they’ve to look upon the cultural differences when joining any job. As a woman, the culture is very important because women are roots of every culture which exists.

Are women allowed to live alone in Dubai?

Yes, living alone, by renting an apartment, as a woman, she can live alone or live in shared accommodation with other women in Dubai and the whole United Arab Emirates.

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Can women drive a car in Dubai?

Absolutely! Women from all nationalities can drive a car everywhere in the United Arab Emirates if they have a valid driving license.

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Is it safe to remain in the UAE?

UAE has the lowest crime rate of 1.5%. Therefore, you’re very safe to remain, safer than many other countries. Especially, if you’re a woman, don’t have to worry about yourself.

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