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Labour law of the UAE set forth the women rights

Arab women are now increasingly playing a role in the military, government and public sectors, banking, and other businesses in the United Arab Emirates.

Working women in the UAE are now increasingly playing a role in the military, government and public sectors, banking, and other businesses in the United Arab Emirates. The country is providing the support and opportunities to its female workforce.

It’s important to note, however, that despite female labour participation rates in the Gulf States were lower than other high-income countries around the world. Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, and the UAE have some of the highest rates of working women than in the region. This is perhaps due to the prevalence of bigger public sectors in these countries, where, again, most Arab women prefer to work, according to the World Bank.

Thus, there is plenty of opportunities for Arab women and also for expatriate women seeking jobs in Dubai or the UAE. However, when you’re moving to Dubai for work as an expat woman, you should be aware of your legal rights while working in the UAE.

Labour law of the UAE set forth the women rights while working anywhere in the UAE. The labour law has a section for the employment of women. Therefore, every working woman in the UAE must be aware of their rights.

Woman shouldn’t work at night

Women can’t engage in employment at night. The word “night” shall mean eleven consecutive hours at least including the period from 10 pm until 7 am. The prohibition of women labour at night is an exemption if a force majeure cease the firm. Or, a woman is working in administrative and technical position. Or, she is working in healthcare and other jobs determined by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation.

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Women shouldn’t be in hazardous or physically detrimental roles

The role that is physically or morally detrimental, hazardous, arduous, or alike. The woman can’t join in any work that is not allowed by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation.

Employers must not ask women for the burden of a heavy load that they can’t bear. As per their physical ability, employers must not hire women for a role that hazardous. Therefore, there is an absence of female workers in construction and engineering industries.

Maternity leave for working women

Presently, women working in the public sector are receiving three-month maternity leave and also reduction of two hours in duty for the first year from the day of childbirth.

Such changes are yet not applied. Hence, the existing labour law applies where women are allowed for 45 days leave for maternity with full pay if they’re working for more than a year. If there is no completion of the first year, then they’re eligible for half pay only.

If you’re exceeding your leave, you’re absent from work. You’re without pay for your exceeding period of your leave for maximum 100 consecutive or non-consecutive days. If your absence is because of illness that obstructs you from going to work. In such case, a medical certificate is necessary to confirm your illness which could be a result of your childbirth labour.

Nursing women to their child

First, 18 months of childbirth delivery is the nursing period for a nursing woman. So, if you’re a nursing woman, then you’re allowed for two extra breaks. Each break should not exceed 30 minutes; these extra breaks are the part of your working hours. There is no reduction in your salary for extra breaks during duty hours.

Male and female employees should be paid equally

There must not be discrimination between male and female for their wages. If they do the same job, both sexes should’ve the same salary.

Female staffs are being paid less despite the fact that the law protects their rights. In the UAE, female managers are paid about Dh8,000 less than males in the same position, a 2010 study by Zayed University found, according to

Such discriminations can be in private sectors. But, in public sectors, you’ll be paid equally. Also, in Multinational companies, you’ll be paid equally regardless of your gender.

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