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Traditional and Popular Foods of Dubai and the UAE

Traditional foods of UAE has a lot of spices like Indian foods, its traditional foods are made by rice, fish, and meat as main ingredients.

Traditional foods of UAE has a lot of spices like Indian foods, its traditional foods are made by rice, fish, and meat as foods’ main ingredients, and meat is usually from sheep and goats. In some occasions, people also use camels for making traditional dishes of UAE. Tourists can find dishes made from camel meats in UAE restaurants throughout the year.

In a glance, the UAE is an international country, that is, it becomes a microcosm embracing almost all nationalities from across the globe. UAE has various tourist attractions for foreign visitors. The UAE is one of the fastest-growing countries in the Middle East, foreign visitors visiting the UAE can also enjoy UAE’s awesome traditional foods across the Seven Emirates of the United Arab Emirates.

Now I am writing something about UAE dishes:

Al Harees (Iftar favorite)

It is widely served in the UAE during the holy month Ramadan for Iftar meal, it has alternative names “Jareesh”, “Hareesa”, “Arizah”. It has highly exotic taste, and it is one the famous dish of the United Arab Emirates. In the Arabian Peninsula, it’s preparation from meat and wheat with salt. It’s cooked in boiling water for hours until it becomes the smooth paste. It will be cooked in a covered pot with coal almost overnight. It has very few ingredients, but the dish is an energy-rich cuisine. For enhancing its taste, you can add other spices or natural ghee.

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Al Machboos

Al Machboos is also the popular dish in the UAE, its main ingredients are meat, rice, onion, and Lamon – called Loomy – includes salt and spices. This dish is prepared by cooking meat, dried lemon, spices, and seasoning in boiling water till all ingredients become tender. The meat is separated, and rice is added to the rest of ingredients and then cooked together well. Then meat once again added to the ingredients in the pot and cooked again for another two hours. Al Machboos is the traditional and favourite dish in the United Arab Emirates and the Arabian Peninsula.

Stuffed Camel

It is world’s biggest dish as the dish’s size is considered. Usually, it is served in banquets and in wedding ceremonies, it is said to be traditional Arab wedding dish. Stuffed Camel is consists of the whole camel with a sheep or a lamb, boiled eggs, fish, chicken, and rice. For cooking, they stuffed the whole camel with its other ingredients. Many people around the world see this dish as one of the most amazing dishes.


It is one of the popular cuisines across the globe in Middle East Cuisine. It is actually not a dish, rather it is a Levantine dip made from chickpeas, blended with lemon juice, olive oil, salt, garlic and tahini paste. It is usually served with other cuisine as mentioned below.


It’s common food in consumption in the UAE. Even it also becomes a favourite food in other countries too. In UAE, every restaurant is serving this dish in their unique manner. Usually, they made it by mixing pickles, garlic sauce, fries, and tomatoes and then wrapping it with Arabic Bread. It’s easy and quick chicken recipe which is beloved by almost every family in the Middle East. It is like Samosas or Kabab. As mentioned earlier that each restaurant has its manner of preparation, you could find the difference in taste from one place to another. UAE residents used to order it along with beverages. By leaving all these facts, it never declines from the modern demands.

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