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The cost of living in Dubai

Index for the cost of living in Dubai is 48.52% higher than in Riyadh. Dubai is ranked 196th out of 517 cities in the world for the cost of living.

Dubai’s cost of living is quite high if you compare Saudi Arabia. A studio apartment will cost 6000AED/month (6,000AED = 1,633USD) in a decent area. Index for the cost of living in Dubai is 48.52% higher than in Riyadh, the Saudi Arabia’s capital. Dubai is ranked 196th out of 517 cities in the world for the cost of living.

Monthly utility bills such as electricity, water, WiFi or alike could cost you between 1500AED to 2000AED (408USD to 544USD), parking, petrol, tolls, etc., for your car like Honda Accord could cost you 2500-3000AED (680USD – 816USD). If you’re living in Dubai as a couple – means – husband, and wife, the monthly groceries for two people could cost around 1500AED (408USD), if you are using a landline phone, it will cost you 150AED (40USD) per month.

Overall excluding shopping and leisure, the monthly cost of living in Dubai for a couple could cost approximately 12500AED (3400USD), and if you have kids, the cost of living could be around 18000AED (4900USD) – it depends on if your children are going to school or not. And if you want a cleaner to clean your apartment, the cost could be 1500 AED (408USD) per month for a maid or a cleaner.

Abovementioned estimated cost on non-alcoholic upper-middle-class living style in Dubai, not the high-end living style of Dubai. The high-end living style could cost you more than above mentioned estimated cost.

Three classes of living style in Dubai

Lower class: One who earns between 2000-6000AED (544-1633USD) per month and share a room for 700-1000AED (190-272USD). The cheapest studio in Dubai is from 3500AED (952USD) per month, the person in lower class cannot save money if the individual goes to a studio. In this category, most expatriates are in Dubai from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Filipinos, Srilankan, Egyptians, and others.

Middle class: A person who has a monthly income between 7000AED – 34,000AED (1905 – 9,255USD), if a person has income 5000 – 6000AED (1360 – 1633USD) per month plus his wife is also earning 5000 – 6000AED per month than they’re in middle class. In this category, most expatriates are in Dubai from Europe, North America, India, Pakistan, and others. Westen Arabs and Emiratis are also in Middle-Class level.

Upper-middle class: One who earns between 35,000–3,00,000AED (9,527 – 81,666USD) per month. In this category, the most residents in Dubai are Indians, Westerners, Emiratis and Western Arabs.

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