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Struggles You Might Face While Job Searching in Dubai

While job searching in Dubai, it's time to develop a career in the Middle East where you'll get the opportunity to learn about the Middle East.

People consider working in Dubai, they have only two options. 1.  Arriving in Dubai after securing a role, that is, the interview and selection process is done in their home countries. 2. Arriving on visit visa for the job search in Dubai.

For many of us, the latter option is becoming trendy for most professionals. They seek a suitable role by finding a job in Dubai themselves on visit visa. There are many ways for the job search in Dubai such as job portals, classified ads, recruitment agencies, walk-in interviews, etc. If you get a job in Dubai, you’ll certainly get your residency visa of the United Arab Emirates that allow you to work and live in Dubai.

Struggle in a new country

If you are in Dubai for the job search then keeps in mind that the UAE is a new country for you. The working atmosphere might not be same as in your home country, so, keep your nerves calm and try to find comfort when seeking a job in Dubai.

The new country, the new culture, the new day-to-day working life. Perhaps, the job hunting in Dubai is easy for some of you while very hard for others.

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In a new country, it’s time for your career to develop in the Middle East where you will get the opportunity to learn about the Middle East (its business, its culture, religious values).

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The heating temperature

If you’ve arrived in Dubai in the summer season, then get ready to burn if you don’t have enough budget to rent a car or hiring taxis. But, you should always be motivated for the job hunting.

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Upset when not receiving a reply?

After arriving in Dubai on a visit visa for the job searching, you might be worried when you see no reply from the hiring company. So, you must think that you are in a new country where recruitment process is different than that in your home country. The first page of CV should impress the hiring manager, otherwise, they are not going to read autobiographies of applicants since they do not time to do so. Your achievements, qualifications, experiences might be ignored if your CV does not impress the hiring company.

In Dubai, you should prepare your CV in one-page only, it doesn’t matter if you have 20 years of experience. The hiring managers are receiving hundreds or thousands of CV/Resume and they do not have enough time to read all pages of all CVs/Resumes. Therefore, consider writing a CV in one-page only.

Don’t waste time in mass-emailing

If you have two CVs, the first one is generic and another one is customized for the particular employer. So, in case you are doing mass-emailing, probably, you have no idea where you have sent all these Emails. If you see a newspaper ad for a particular job opening, you’re sending a customized CV, also you have sent another generic CV through mass-emailing to the same employer. The hiring manager might doubt about your CV, it’ll end-up your CV and the opportunity in the garbage bin.

The mass-emailing may work well in rare cases, but it’s not the case in general.

The missed call and you’re nervous?

When you are in Dubai on visit visa to find a job and you do not receive any response from any company. In this situation, you would be nervous when you receive a missed call from an unknown number (that is, when you’re away from your phone, a call becomes a missed call). Perhaps, you think that the opportunity is calling you right now and if you do not respond properly you’ll lose the opportunity.

In order to get rid of such psychological situation, you must be talking to the hiring manager in a manner that you’re doing a business deal with him, you don’t need him but (s)he needs you and your portfolio. In short, talk to the hiring manager as you are a business person, do not think that you are at interview table but at the business meeting.

Despair when failed to get a job?

When you are searching a job on a visit visa that has a limited period to stay in Dubai. For example, you are visiting Dubai for the job search with 60-days visit visa, if you failed to secure a role within 30-days, you’ll start thinking that it was better if you were at home. You might begin questioning yourself for the decision to visit Dubai. In fact, instead of questioning yourself, you should think about the reason why you are not getting a job. Don’t admit that you are a loser, but improve yourself to get the best job in the industry.

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