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You Need to Speak Arabic for Getting a Job in Dubai?

The ability to speak Arabic is not a key requirement for many Dubai jobs. But, it's essential for the job in banking and government and public sectors.

You need to speak Arabic in Dubai?

You’ll face no difficulty when you’re doing a job in Dubai, and you don’t speak Arabic. While Arabic is Emirate’s official language, the language of business is English. So, you may not require having command over spoken Arabic for many Dubai jobs. Mostly, you will require a command over English only. But, if you’re doing a job for a small business such as shop or restaurant, if Indian restaurant you may also require to speak Urdu.

The majority of migrant workers and residents don’t speak Arabic. English and Urdu are widely spoken language in the United Arab Emirates. Urdu is due to migrant workers that have a majority of expats population; they’re mostly from Indian Subcontinent. You’ll notice in the old city, everywhere whether shops or restaurants, Urdu is dominantly spoken language along with English rather than Arabic.

Where is Arabic speaking required for a Dubai Job?

The ability to speak Arabic is not a key requirement for many Dubai jobs. But, the knowledge of Arabic is essential for the job in banking and government sectors where Arabic is the language of communication.

However, if you do speak Arabic, it will be an advantage for you to do a particular type of job than others. You’ll have an advantage over others on certain jobs such as customer service, sales, legal, hospitality, healthcare, or others where Arabs are first customers. If you speak Arabic with them, they will like you and your service.

Arabs are not only UAE nationals, but also those who settled in Dubai or Abu Dhabi from other Arab countries including Saudi Arabia. So, if employers have any business interest with Emirati and Arabs settled in the UAE, bilingual proficiency may require for a job.

Nowadays, bilingual proficiency – means, Arabic-speaking required along with English – is a term that is increasingly being spotted in job advertisements in the UAE. Suhail Masri, VP, sales at, said, “It would be safe to predict bilingual candidates will be in demand as they are currently. However, as the UAE prepares itself for an increasingly globalised stage for World Expo 2020 being multi-lingual will be definitely an advantage for candidates,” according to Gulf Business.

Hence, it’s always good for you to go for learning Arabic language either by attending classes or by self-learning kits.

Can I learn Arabic myself?

If you’re filled with curiosity and highly motivated in learning Arabic, then you’re a very good teacher for yourself. There are plenty of books and self-learning kits available in Dubai and in Abu Dhabi. If you’re interested in learning online, then you can find the website, The website is an excellent source for learning Arabic for beginners.

If you’re so lazy in learning, but think that learning Arabic is very important. Then, you must choose a course at any Arabic Language Institute for Learning Arabic in the physical classroom.

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