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Are you seeking jobs in Dubai? Then, avoid a lengthy resume

Many employers are only glancing at the first page of the resume for a few second to move for the next. Hence, job seekers should avoid lengthy resumes.

Write resume in one-page only

If, you’re seeking Jobs in Dubai, keep your resume to one page only even if you have 15 years of work experience. You should speak about yourselves to the point and avoid lengthy resumes if you are looking for jobs in Dubai or the United Arab Emirates.

Many employers are only glancing at the first page of resume of candidates applied for an individual post. Therefore, it’s essential to detail your experience, knowledge and your academic qualifications in the first page which is an eye-catching page for the employers. Finally, Job seekers are advised to keep their resumes on one page, those who broke this rule were destined for the circular file.

Now, I’m quoting a few paragraphs from leading job portal and news website about the problem of lengthy resume.

Avoid Lengthy Resumes

According to, the leading player for job hunting, “Your resume is a career marketing tool, not an autobiography. Strive to keep your resume concise and focused on your key selling points. Let go of past experiences that don’t market you for your current goal. Every word in the resume should sell your credentials and value to a potential employer. You should also leave something to talk about in the interview.

“It’s common for employers or recruiters to sort through hundreds, or even thousands, of resumes to fill one position. Hiring managers often give resumes just a cursory glance before deciding if the applicant deserves to be added to the “maybe” pile. While your resume will probably get a more thorough read if you are called for a job interview, ensure that your strongest selling points are immediately visible to make the first cut.”

Problem with many resumes in Dubai

UAE’s leading newspaper Gulf news, 35+ years older newspaper, “What you say about yourself and what employers hear can be different. And that is the problem with many resumes. People often get all wrapped up in details that they feel most proud about. These could be about projects that were popular with past employers or accomplishments that ended up a turning point in their careers.

“All of these details are great, but what matters more in writing a resume is to present these achievements and accomplishments in a larger picture context that can be easily understood by future employers — and does reflect how transferable your skills are. And when writing a resume from this perspective, you will be able to make it concise so that it fits in one page — something busy hiring managers totally appreciate.”

In short, Gulf news is the UAE’s leading press-house which has a long experience in Dubai. So, job seekers shouldn’t ignore what is revealed by the newspaper. Also, the is the leading player in job hunting, so it should be considered an expert advice for job seekers.

Interview Tips for jobs in Dubai

“If you have a strong body odour, make sure you wash before the interview. The climate in Dubai/ UAE, particularly in summer, is hot and humid; an interview in a small closed room with a smelly candidate is not an interviewer’s idea of fun. Use deodorant if you’re unsure!

“If you are male and the interviewer is an Arabic woman, she may be dressed traditionally, or may only be wearing a headscarf, do not shake her hand; you may end up losing the job before you have even started the interview.” (Syed Jawad Hassan, Institute of Cost and Management Accountants of Pakistan)

Here is the interesting advice especially for job seekers visiting Dubai on visit visa as new arrivals to Dubai. Perhaps, they are not aware of Dubai’s atmosphere. Therefore, they should prepare themselves to make sure that their interview attempts shouldn’t have a failure result.

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