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Source for renting Dubai properties

The contracts for leasing have a fixed-term. It is not possible legally to have an apartment for a long-term without a residence visa.

For Dubai Properties, the contracts for leasing an apartment have a fixed term which is one year. It is not possible legally to have an apartment on rent for a long term of the contract without a valid residence visa. Many owners of Dubai properties accepts only one or two cheques in a year, means, the rental amount should be paid in advance. Cheques in Dubai legally enforced bond and more than just a method of payment. There will be serious legal consequences if the cheque is found a bounce due to the insufficient bank balance. Additionally, make sure that you’re issuing a bank cheque, for Dubai properties, only payable to the registered owner.

At the end of a contract term, there is a notice period for your decision whether you’re staying or not. If you ignored that notice period, then you’re bound to renew the contract legally.

Source of Dubai Properties

The primary source for Dubai properties is a property portal website: Agents or Property management companies are listing their properties on the website regularly. You can go to the website for views of apartments to rent your apartment at your ideal location in Dubai. The website is not a sole agency system for leasing Dubai properties. Therefore, companies can also list their properties elsewhere other than

The responsibilities of arranging papers and doing paperwork or drawing contacts are of agents. You must be careful that you must not deal with an unauthorised freelance agents – unregistered with RERA. Before paying any money, you should make sure that you see and read all the ownership documents of the landlord. Never issue a rent cheque payable to the agent unless the agent has a valid POA and for POA, you should verify it with the court if the agent is claiming to be. POA means power of attorney.

In Dubai, the contracts for leasing have a fixed-term. It is not possible legally to have an apartment for a long-term without a valid residence visa.

Utility Bills for Dubai Properties

First of all, you should make sure that there are Water and Electricity connections in the apartment which you want on rent. Also, make sure if there is any housing fee or management fee outside of rent amount. For utility bills, you can pay online through DEWA website, DEWA means Dubai Electricity and Water Authority.

If you live in a building where AC is central and charged per apartment, many places in Dubai are like this. So, in such situation, you must check the fee before going to the apartment lest it will be scary for you.

Gas supply, a canister arrangement in buildings may vary. Therefore, when you are visiting a property, you must check it too.

Also, make sure to the property which is the service provider for TV, the Internet, and Landline phone connection. There are only two telecom operators in Dubai, therefore, the service provider is either dU or Etisalat. But, you will have no choice for line connection in your apartment. Both service providers are expensive, so you should go through the package or any particular offer submitted by them, changing the box could be difficult afterwards.

When leaving a lease from Dubai properties

Make sure when you start a new lease that the apartment is a painted afresh, otherwise, request for it. When you leave the apartment, you will repaint it. You can deduct the amount from the security deposit the amount of repainting when you leave a lease.

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