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Reasons why your UAE visa get rejected?

Whenever you apply for a UAE visa, you have to undergo certain Security Check, your application may be rejected in this process.

Millions of people from all over the world visit the United Arab Emirates every year whether they’re visiting the UAE as tourists or if they’re arriving in the UAE as expats. The UAE authority receives massive visa applications every year. Applying for the UAE Visa is easy process, you are required to fill a form correctly and provide required documents. Kindly check with your travel agency since it might depends on your national background.

There are some reasons your application for the UAE might get rejected.

Recently, the UAE’s newspaper the Khaleej Times published the details. According to the newspaper:

1. If you previously remained in the UAE and held a residence visa. Then, left the United Arab Emirates without cancelling your residence visa. Your new visa application may be rejected if your previous visa have not cancelled.

2. If your passport is hand-written, your visa application will get rejected.

3. If you have criminal or fraud record in the United Arab Emirates, your application for the UAE visa may be rejected.

4. If you didn’t enter the UAE on your previously applied for the tourist visa. Contact your sponsor or the travel agency to clear your previous visa.

5. If you didn’t enter the UAE on your previous employment visa. Go through same process as mentioned in the 4th point.

6. Type mistakes in application form. Your application may be rejected.

7. If you’re applying for the UAE visa in the online immigration system and you submitted blurred/unclear copies of your passport.

Other than these reasons, your visa application may be rejected due to security reason if the UAE authority think that you are a threat to the National Security of the United Arab Emirates. The security check may go through social media history check, Interpol check/CID investigation, police verification, or if you’re politically exposed person (or if you’re politically controversial person), or if your name is matched with a wanted person in their security system. There are may be other reasons for the rejection of your UAE visa application due to security reason. If you think that name matching is the reason, you should request the sponsor to visit the immigration department for submitting a letter stating that you have never entered the United Arab Emirates (if it is your first application to enter the United Arab Emirates).

Whenever you apply for a UAE visa, you have to undergo certain Security Check, your application may be rejected if you’re failed in the Security Check. The UAE authority will not disclose the exact reason if your visa application is rejected due to security reason.

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