Living in Dubai

The Quality of Life and Recreational Activities in Dubai

You'll not get boredom living in Dubai. There are world famous hotels, malls, and recreational centres that offer everything includes theme parks.

What is the cost of living?

The cost is reasonable in the UAE if you compare to largest cities all over the world. In UAE, large cities, such as Dubai and Abu Dhabi, have expensive housing but the cost of foodstuff and other expenses are very fair. Renting an apartment in Dubai or in Abu Dhabi is considerable all about your living cost.

Prices of goods and products depend on where they’re produced. If you’re from the same country where goods have an origin, you may find them expensive. Overall, goods are the relatively cheap in the old city of Dubai, but you need to bargain in small shops. There is also cheap foods option always available.

Bur Dubai Ferry. IMAGE CREDIT: Mathias Apitz (München)

For electronics gadgets, you could find them cheaper than your home country since taxes are not heavily levied in the UAE.

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What is the quality of life?

The environments of the UAE’s cities are clean and safe unlike overpopulated cities of some countries. Goods and products are available in the UAE from all over the world. Events and recreational facilities are plentiful in the country. Largest cities such as Dubai and Abu Dhabi have beautiful beaches that offer water sports.

Many cultural events take place in the UAE throughout the year. UAE has residents and tourists from almost all nationalities. Therefore, UAE has a mixture of all cultures. Residents can do indoor and outdoor recreational activities. Many hotels and Malls in Dubai are ranked in world’s level.

There are so many other places in Dubai where you enjoy your free time when you’re not working. Therefore, quality of life in Dubai is very high.

Sunset Safari in Dubai, IMAGE: US Naval Forces Central Command

What types of activities are available for everyone?

You’ll not get boredom living in Dubai; it doesn’t matter you’re in indoor or outdoor. There are world famous hotels, malls, and recreational centres that offer everything. There are many things to do in Dubai malls, such as family theme park, indoor ski resort, Ski Dubai, snowboarding, playing with the penguins, tobogganing, etc. There are gourmet restaurants and cafes to sporting facilities. There are indoor games in many shopping centres.

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Ice Skating in Dubai Mall. IMAGE CREDIT: WoodconConstructions

Beaches, snow skiing, dune driving, rock climbing, camping, hiking, ice skating, snorkelling, scuba diving, and horse riding are some of the activities exist in Dubai, UAE.

Many world class performers are performing in the UAE and many events take place in the UAE. Events include golf tournaments, horse racing, shopping festivals, opera, marathons, ballet, etc.

How temperature does it get?

The temperature of UAE is very high from June to September, it could touch 50 C degrees (122 F) when the UAE is very hot. During the hot season, most activities remain indoors.

In the evening and when the sun is about to set, the temperature of UAE is bit cooler. People are seeking enjoyment heading towards the desert in the night time for desert camping and safari, barbeques or dune driving. While, others visit nearby tropical destinations.

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