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What is the national dress of Dubai and the UAE?

National Dress: Men wear a white full-length shirt with a khandura. Women, they wear the black-abaya, a long and loose black robe with an attached hijab.

Emirati people are mostly wearing their traditional dress, that’s now the national dress of UAE. Since the majority of the population in Dubai are of expatriates. So, you’ll notice UAE citizens by their national dress.

The national dress of UAE is separating locals among vastly diversified UAE population. It’s a symbol of identification that a few people among the UAE population are locals. As a tourist, you’ll not interact with locals mostly since most of the front-line employees in the most work-places are from other countries. So, it’s very important for you to identify local citizens among the diverse expatriates.

For men, they wear a white full-length shirt with a khandura. The Khandura has checked-colours; a full-white, red-checked, and also black-checked. The khandura is known as the headdress.

This outfit is exclusively worn by Emiratis and Arabs, the exception of a few people among expatriates who do wear it occasionally. But for women, a black-abaya is usually worn by many Muslim women among expatriates. Thus, it’s difficult to separate them merely upon glancing, if you’re not familiar with locals or Arabs. The black-abaya is worn by the national women to social situations and work.

Women, they wear the black-abaya which is a long and loose black robe. The abaya is an over-cloth that cover normal clothes of women. The abaya also has an attached headscarf, that is, a hijab. The abaya covers women totally which is appropriate for the Muslim culture and the Islamic faith.

The national dress is the traditional dress

The national dress of UAE has a historical footprint, Emirati men tended to wear it when roaming the desert. It’s also said that khanduras were for preventing sands and dust. The culture has stayed for many years thereafter. Now, it becomes a national dress of the United Arab Emirates and other Arab countries. Thus, the local population wears the traditional dress in public which becomes a national dress now.

What should you wear in Dubai?

If you’re a tourist, then what to wear and what not wear to wear, it’s necessary to know about it.

Dubai Malls have the signboard that instructs visitors to dress modestly. Not only Malls, there are many workplaces that instructs the same to both men and women. If you wear a modest dress in Dubai, it’s a sign of respect for local culture and people, and for the country.

If you’re a woman, your dress should not be too short, or should not be transparent, or should not be too-tight that your body-shape reveals publicly and openly.

Wrapping yourselves is also useful when you’re about to pay a visit to Mall since air-conditioning’s cooling temperature. You’ll need a light weight jacket instead of short clothing.

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