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Avoid Common Mistakes When Seeking Jobs in Dubai

One of the mistakes of job seekers seeking jobs in Dubai is; the wrong time to visit when there are official holidays or less workload on officials.

Wrong time to visit for finding jobs in Dubai!

One of the mistakes of job seekers seeking jobs in Dubai is; the wrong time to visit when there are official holidays or less workload on officials. If you’re planning to visit Dubai for seeking jobs in Dubai, then make sure that you’re not choosing the wrong time to visit Dubai for seeking a job. During the holy month of Ramadan and Eid holidays could be the wrong time for you since 2 hours reduced in working hours in Ramadan. In government departments, the workload is lesser in Ramadan and also a reduction in working hours. All works related to visas and work permits have to do with the government department. Thus, it is necessary to make sure that you’re not going to choose a wrong time for your visit.

Dubai has two types of weather; (1). Hot, (2). Very hot, plus 6-days are considerably raining-days during cooling months. In other words, the hot season when the season is cooler than very hot. In night time, you could require wearing winter-season overcoat.

However, if your choice to visit for seeking jobs in Dubai in humid weather, then perhaps your choice is wrong. The climate of Dubai during summer is sweltering and the humid. So, if you have a strong body odour, it could lead you to failure in your interview attempts.

Lengthy Resumes for finding Jobs in Dubai

Many Dubai employers are only glancing at the first page of resume of candidates for a few seconds. Thus, there are more chances for employers to move to next resume if they find a lengthy resume since employers do not have enough time to read your autobiography.

What you say about achievements or work history and what employers hear can be different. If you wrapped up your resume with all detail you feel proud of your work history; it would lead you to failure for better. writes: “Use a one-page resume if you have less than 10 years of experience. You’re pursuing a radical career change, and your experience isn’t relevant to your new goal. You’ve held one or two positions with one employer.”

When writing a resume from this perspective, you will be able to make it concise so that it fits in one page — something busy hiring managers totally appreciate. So if you are ready to review and revise the resume before hitting the job market, according to the Gulf News.

Poor and unformatted resumes

If you’re not skilful in writing CV/resume, then poorly written resumes could impact on your career. Choose a professional format relevant to your profession and avoid grammatical mistakes when you write it.

Single resume for all positions

You must avoid detailing your achievements that have nothing to do with your potential employer. Also, avoid detailing your resume for a work history or certifications that have more to do with different industry. Your resume should always be to the point of the hiring company, whatever they required you should write.

Don’t think that a generic resume is fit for all vacant positions.

Mass emailing while seeking jobs in Dubai

There are many recruitment services and job portals that offer to blast your CV/resume for a fee. Some job seekers seeking jobs in Dubai might do it themselves by applying through Emailing. It has some sense and sometimes it’s effective, but in fact, it’s very ineffective for most of the job seekers.

It could be ineffective since your email could be in the spam folder of employer’s inbox. Additionally, if your CV/resume is not on the point of each job opening, the employer can spot your CV/resume a generic. Thus, such resume doesn’t make sense to stand you out for the opportunity.

Apply for a job you’re not eligible for

Sending CV/Resume to every job opening doesn’t make any sense if you’re not qualified for that opening. It’s only waste of time since such CVs/Resumes are junk on HR’s table.

Additionally, don’t write anything you don’t know when seeking jobs. If you’re a beginner in Arabic, then don’t write that you know Arabic fluency. If they call you for an interview for the false information you wrapped up in your resume, it will only waste your time and money without any result.

Staying Idle while seeking jobs in Dubai

If you’re in the United Arab Emirates on visit visa for solely seeking jobs, you should search the job through all means and everywhere. You must not stay aloof merely depending on particular means, i.e. job portals or recruitment agencies, or waiting for a reply from a particular employer.

Poor Interview Preparation for Jobs in Dubai

The climate of Dubai, particularly in summer, is hot and humid. So, if you travel for the interview through public transport and walking on foot. Perhaps, you’ll have a body odour and a smelly candidate is not an interviewer’s favourite choice. Therefore, if you’re not sure about body odour, then use deodorants while seeking jobs in Dubai in the hot and humid atmosphere.

Respect Culture when seeking Jobs in Dubai

If you’re seeking jobs in Dubai and you’re a male, then you must think of Dubai culture that Arab women are wearing black-abaya. They don’t like to shake hands with men. So, if you’re a male candidate and interviewer is a local female wearing the abaya. In other words, she wears the traditional dress. Then, you must not end up in losing a job by doing a mistake.

In the case, she selects you for a vacant position, you should avoid raising your hands to shake hands with her. Shaking hands with unrelated females are against Dubai culture and Islamic values. Your selection may end up in losing a job offer at last minute if they think you’re not paying respect for country’s culture. Notably, foreign leaders don’t raise their hands to shake hands with abaya-wearing female officials.

Consequently, it’s a sign of respect for the country and its people, if you respect local culture. UAE citizens, if they’re your colleagues, they’ll like you if you’ll respect their culture. If you try to speak a few Arabic phrases, your local colleagues will respect you and your work.

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