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Jail for surfing pornography in UAE

The UAE authority continues to compile names of users surfing pornographic websites and document the date and time of the visits.

Internet users could end up being sentenced to jail for at least six months or pay a fine between 150,000 and 1 million dirhams if they are not cautious enough while surfing the web.

The Abu Dhabi judicial department has warned residents against visiting websites that feature inappropriate content such as child pornography reiterating that both users, as well as these websites, are constantly monitored by the local authority to ensure that UAE security is never undermined. The department said the UAE authority continue compile names of users of who visit these websites and document the date and time of the visits, according to Gulf News report.

Stop watching porn on your smartphone

You need to stop watching pornographic contents on your smartphone even if you’re outside of the United Arab Emirates since it is a threat to your privacy. As researchers found that viewing such content on a smartphone expose you to damaging software, malware and malicious bugs, and data leaks, according to Indy100. Additionally, there are other websites such as gambling sites, ad networks, and scam sites – they could pose a threat to your privacy in the same way as mentioned.

Almost a quarter of malware on mobile devices comes from porn websites. In other words, watching mobile porn on your smart phone is a much higher risk than watching it on your PC. Smartphone operating systems, especially Android, are not as secure as desktops, there are many vulnerabilities that can be easily exploited by hackers.

– The editor of Wandera in a blog post.

Also, there’s a possibility that hackers could turn your front camera ON to record your privacy.

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Indy100 adds that researchers found that 34 out of every 10,000 people were viewing porn on their phones on a daily basis, with 40 out of top 50 porn sites on the net being vulnerable to malware.

Once the malware has wormed its way into your phone it can collect your personal information (includes photo gallery) and leak it or allow others to blackmail you. So, you need to stop viewing such contents immediately that are risky to your privacy. Thus, the security of your privacy is undermined if you visit such websites. Also, you run a legal risk if you visit such websites in the UAE.

Finally, you need to stay away from pornography on your smartphones for your security in terms of privacy, and legal trouble if you’re in the UAE.

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Inappropriate mobile activity

  • Adult – Content containing explicit, pornographic material, non-sexual nudity, adult entertainment of a non-pornographic nature and other content designed for a mature audience.
  • Extreme – Sites that depict extreme or aggressive behavior including violence, hate, weapons, and sites containing graphics and inappropriate content which may cause offense.
  • Illegal – Sites pertaining to illegal activities including those offering downloads of illegal content and providing information on illegal activities, sites about child abuse, illegal substances, and drugs, hacking and pirated software. (Liana La Porta, the editor of Wandera, wrote in a blog post)

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