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Indian in Dubai! Are you from India and new to UAE?

UAE has 2.6 million Indian population, the largest expatriate population in the UAE. But, the laws of the UAE are not same as Indian laws.

UAE has roughly 2.6 million Indian population, the largest expatriate population in the UAE. But, the laws of the United Arab Emirates are not same as Indian laws so you must be careful when moving to the UAE.

New to UAE? Avoid these things

1. When you’re in the UAE, means, you’re outside of India, your passport and visa are your identities and legal documents to remains in the UAE. So, always keep them valid; and if your passport is about to expire, you must renew from any Indian mission in the UAE.

2. Keep your financial documents especially cheque books with yourself only; any misuse could cause trouble in the UAE. Don’t sign any cheque without sufficient balance in your account.

3. You must respect Islam, and its obligation includes five daily prayers when you are in the UAE since Islam is the UAE’s official religion. Do not be unpleasant regarding the Islam or UAE’s rulers.

4. You must be alert during the holy month Ramadan when Muslims are fasting; nobody is allowed to eat, drink or smoke in public until sunset.

5. You must respect the UAE, its flag, national symbols, national customs and its laws and traditions.

6. Improve your knowledge on General Knowledge of the UAE includes local laws before travelling to the UAE.

7. Don’t work in UAE on your visit visa, you could be deported if you get caught doing work on visit visa. Therefore, you must obtain a work visa before joining a job in the UAE.

8. When you’re travelling to UAE, take travel insurance with you that will cover all medical costs.

9. Don’t cross the road like you are crossing in major Indian cities, cross the road with care when you see the pedestrian signal.

10. If you’re working or residing in the UAE on a residence visa, keep your national ID with you all the time. Anytime, you could be asked by Government officials to show your ID.

11. When you are leaving the UAE for permanently, you should settle all dues and cancel your work visa, phone connection, bank account, credit card, etc.

12. You must be careful about women in UAE, don’t indulge in unnecessary conversation or shouting, don’t touch or gaze them; any misbehaviour may cause trouble in UAE since they are considered harassment in UAE.

13. Don’t photograph anyone especially girls, women, families or someone’s properties, or govt buildings.

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14. Don’t carry any medicine from India to UAE airport without checking the list of restricted ingredients in UAE.

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15. If you don’t have UAE driving license or an international driving license; don’t drive any car even for testing a car like you do in India.

16. Do not post photos or text posts on social media of any incidents such as fires in a building and storm damage as it is considered news publishing without a license and it is considered a crime in UAE.

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17. Don’t beg for money publically in UAE.

18. Do not smoke in areas where smoking is prohibited.

19. Do not spit everywhere as you do in India if you have a habit of tobacco or alike.

20. Sex outside of marriage or live-in relationship is illegal in UAE and punishable under law. Cohabitation and homosexuality are illegal in the UAE.

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21. Do not try to cheat people by practising fraudulently like not paying the due or issuing cheque without a sufficient balance in the bank account. Otherwise, you could be in serious legal trouble in UAE.

Warning for foreigners in Dubai

Importantly, you’ve probably heard the stories that foreigners in Dubai are roaming freely with outfits or dresses that are not appropriate for Dubai Culture and laws. Also, probably you know that people are drinking alcoholic beverages freely, or having sexual relations with an independent woman, or sharing the same hotel room with an independent woman or with your girlfriend. The reason behind it: no one had lodged any complaint or legal petition against actions done by foreigners.

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