How to know if someone blocked you on WhatsApp

If you're blocked by a WhatsApp user, it's not easily perceived that you're blocked on WhatsApp by one of your friends.

If you’re blocked by a WhatsApp user, it’s not easily perceived that you’re blocked on WhatsApp by one of your friends. Here I am sharing with you some indications to know that you’re blocked.

Last seen: You cannot and will not be able to see another person’s last seen, i.e. their last online or timestamp. However, if another person configured it from privacy setting that prevents everyone to see timestamp, you can no longer see last seen even if that person didn’t block you. Therefore, merely invisibility of timestamp is not an indication that (s)he blocked you.

Profile: You cannot see any updates from the concerned person’s profile picture. Perhaps, (s)he removed his/her picture from the profile or hide the picture from privacy setting that limits the visibility of the picture to his/her contacts only. Therefore, merely WhatsApp contacts without profile pictures are profiles that blocked you.

Calls: Your call won’t go through and will not be connected. Probably, they’re offline from the Internet or residing in a country where WhatsApp calls are blocked to reach.

Checkmarks: If you send messages to the user who blocked you, you can see the check mark but you can’t see the second check mark that indicates that the message is delivered. Probably, the user is offline or don’t have internet data pack to appear online, if the user is offline you can’t see double check marks.

Nevertheless, all of these indications also have other reasons other than blocking, these indications are to protect a user’s privacy. They are not specific for a blocked person. That is if you can’t see your profile image, it doesn’t surely mean that your friend blocked you on WhatsApp.

Finally, the only way remained here to know that (s)he blocked you, you have to confirm from your other friends whether they’re receiving and sending messages to that number you think (s)he blocked you.

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