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The Health and Hygiene Tips While at Hajj or Umrah

Since the Hajj pilgrimage involves millions of pilgrims gathered at one place (Makkah), it posed a risk that infectious diseases may outbreaks.

Whenever you go for the Hajj or Umrah, you must think about the physical and mental health before going for the Hajj or Umrah since pilgrims head towards Makkah from across the globe. Therefore, there is more possibility of out breaking of infectious diseases because pilgrims arriving in Makkah have different origins. So, it is likely a risk to the health for other pilgrims from those pilgrims who need to pay special attention to their health.

Also, the weather conditions of Makkah might be different from pilgrims’ place of origins, it’s likely a threat to weak people’s health.

So, how to prevent diseases?

Wash raw foods thoroughly

If you’re cooking your food yourselves then make sure that you are cleaning raw foods thoroughly, but if you prefer to eat cooked food then choose hygienic instead of cheaper one. Don’t eat the food that kept open in cheaper restaurants or food stalls. When you are about to consume foods at stalls, you must look after hygienes. Don’t consume the sealed and packed products that passed the expiry date.

Stay Hydrated

Drink plenty of water or other liquids such as fruit juice to stay hydrated, avoid drinking beverages that may increase the dehydration in the body. In order to avoid water borne infections, drink bottled water only (that is, consume only famous name bottles).

Wash your hands

Wash your hands and use a hand sanitizer to kill bacterias. The special care is needed before and after using the washroom, eating food, and handling the garbage bags or counting currency notes.

Immunize yourselves from communicable disease

Try to avoid physical contact with people diseased with a communicable disease such as flu. Try to refrain using products of others that might infect you through cross-contamination.

Get an antidote that would immunize you from communicable disease, make sure that you and your travelling partner are vaccinated prior to the journey since millions of pilgrims gathered at one place.

Basic medical travel kit

Take a basic medical kit with you like paracetamol, band aids, antiseptic, etc. that might require in case of emergency and you do not have enough time to find these contents in the market.

If you are from cooling place than you would require some accessories to protect yourselves from heating temperature, accessories such as umbrellas, sunscreen, etc.

If you are physically unfit than consult your doctor prior to your journey to make sure that you will complete your sacred journey by safeguarding your health. If you have a skin allergy, take sufficient medications to complete your journey without diverting your attention from the sacred journey.

In case of need, the Hajj Delegation is available for the health services and facilities.

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