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When to go Dubai for Visit?

The best time for visiting Dubai is from October to March when temperatures are low. Beach lovers should note that January to March is Dubai's rainy season.

One of the important points for your Dubai visit is the weather; since there is always summer in Dubai, i.e. warm or hot temperatures.

Do not worry about rising temperatures in Dubai; you’ll find everything temperature-controlled by the air-conditioning system includes shops, restaurants, cafeteria, bus stops, etc.

If you wish to visit Dubai with a lower budget than do consider your visit in summer (from April to September); since summer is the cheapest season to visit Dubai, but you should be ready to burn. You’ll have time to explore Dubai in the evening and night, during daylight you’ll not enjoy your exploration due to burning temperature. During mid-summer, Dubai’s weather is usually very hot. So, if you’re from a snow-falling country, you’ll not be able to stay outside in the mid-summer. Consequently, consider your visit from November to February if you have a good budget.

The temperature in Dubai could be over 50degree Celsius in hot months like July and August, even water temperature could be over 37degree Celsius. It could be painful for some of you.

The best time for visiting Dubai is from October to March when temperatures are low. Also, you should not worry about the preparation for the rain (except umbrella); since only six days are raining days in Dubai.

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Beach lovers should note that January to March is Dubai’s rainy season, but you can only expect a few drops of rain here and there or a shower which is short-lived.

During the winter months, the city experiences primo beach and blue skies weather. Consequently, this is the best tourist season in Dubai.

Persian Gulf’s pearly white sands-seekers from around the world gather in Dubai to explore the Emirate in its best time to visit. Also, you should book your hotel in advance to ensure availability in the season.

Also, note that maximum Dubai Visit’s key events are from December to March.

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