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Job Seekers think that they’ll easily find a job in Dubai!

It's very important to have realistic expectations rather than misconceptions. There are lot more job seekers than available jobs.

You’ll easily find a job?

Job seekers seeking a job in Dubai have a common view that getting a job is very easy. They think that they can get a job within 2-3days after landing in Dubai or another part of the United Arab Emirates. This misconception is widespread among Indian job seekers seeking a job in Dubai while planning to visit Dubai solely for job search.

In old days if you’re talking about decades ago, it was very true that one can get a job easily. Now, the United Arab Emirates is a modern country; it recently becomes an economic power. Therefore, it’s no longer the case that you will get a job in Dubai very easily.

High Competition for Job Seekers in Dubai

Today, the country has high competition in business, so is the case with job seekers. There are a lot more candidates than job availabilities due to the city always hits the world’s headlines for its unique achievement. There is a lot of attraction for tourists and job seekers nowadays unlike years back. Consequently, it creates difficulty for job seekers arriving in Dubai solely for job search.

I do not deny here that you’ll not get a job in Dubai easily, all situation depends on the opportunities. You may get a job just after your first interview attempt; you could succeed. But normally, it is not the case for most job seekers seeking a job in Dubai. They must not deceive themselves for a misconception they had.

I previously published information about the recruitment agencies in another article. If you’re a job seeker on visit visa in Dubai, you should follow the guidance given in the article. Also, in another article, I discussed the Interview Tips for a Dubai Job.

Learn from the experience of others

Every job seeker must research and read blogs, comments of other people’s experiences that how they got a job in Dubai on a visit visa.

One thing you must take into account, you must look at what majority of people say. You don’t have to look at stories that are only of individuals successful in their first attempts.

It’s not something strange in Dubai to stay in search of a job suitable to you for several months. For staying in Dubai for a longer period will require a longer visa to stay, it could be cost-effective for you. You could need remaining outside of the UAE for a period to obtain a new visit visa when your former visa is expired. You’ll require a visa to stay in the UAE if you’re from a visa-required country to enter UAE.

Gain experience before moving to Dubai

If you do not have enough experience for a suitable job, you must consider getting experience before moving to Dubai for job search. Lack of enough experience could land you to unsuitable lower paid job if you’re not in a position to return home. Unfortunately, many job seekers arriving in Dubai with a hope to get a dream job very quickly. Most of the job seekers end up with landing in a lower paid unsuitable job in the different industry.

Be realistic in job search

Finally, it’s very important to have realistic expectations rather than misconceptions. There are many great opportunities available in Dubai, but you must only land in Dubai when you’re fully qualified for a position.

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