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How to find a job in Dubai on a visit visa? That is going to expire!

If you are in planning to visit Dubai solely for job searching, you should think twice that what would happen if you failed to find a job.

First of all, if you are in planning to visit Dubai solely for the purpose of job searching, you should think twice that what would happen if you failed to find a job. Don’t think that you’ll get a job easily; it’s not the case nowadays.

And, if you are in Dubai to find a job on visit visa. Perhaps, you are depressed for your visa is going to expire soon and you haven’t got any job offer yet. You’re in hurry to find a job before visa to be expired.

Upon guidance of others working in Dubai*, you write your CV and cover letter that you are currently in UAE on a visit visa that will expire on so and so date. Probably, you write in your cover letter that interviewer should prefer you to give a job before that date. The cover letter you are sending to the employer along with the CV/Resume to every job opening you see in the classified advertisements or on job portals.

*Those who came to Dubai directly from their home-countries through recruitment agencies or personal references.

Do you think that such approach will help you to get a job quickly? Experts say that the answer is NO because of no one care whatever you are trying to say. Furthermore, employers will only see whether you are able to handle their vacant position or not. In other words, whether you are able to fulfill their requirements or not, it does matter. It doesn’t matter that you don’t have more time to remain in the United Arab Emirates.

Managers hiring candidates are busy people and they are receiving tons of CVs/Resumes. They are in the managerial position for the organization’s concerns. So, they don’t care that your visa is going to expire and you won’t be available in Dubai to face an interview.

If they are sympathetic people for candidate’s struggle to get a job. Then, keep in mind that you are not alone searching a job in Dubai. They might be receiving thousands of CVs from people who are in the same situation.

So what to do to get a job?

Whenever and wherever you are searching a job, the important point is professionalism. You should always be professional in your job search, you should tell how important is you for a particular organization you are applying for a job. You should not reveal that your visa is going to expire and you are in hurry to find a job. You could reveal that your visa is going to expire soon once you are selected for a job.

If you have visited Dubai for job search and you didn’t get it. Don’t worry, if you are qualified for the opening, do communicate continuously with companies even after your departure from the UAE. In fact, if a particular hiring company is interested to hire you, they’ll provide you visa and air-ticket to return Dubai.

Now, it’s very important to impress the hiring company professionally, instead of conveying them that your visa is going to expire. So, go through the process in a systematic manner.

My personal experience, once I returned from the Hong Kong after resignation, without any another job. Another hiring manager offered me air-ticket and all other expenses to land back in Hong Kong. It happened because I was fully qualified for a position to handle their concerns, it didn’t happen due to sympathy from a particular employer.

How to convey that you are on visit visa?

I suggest you write a CV in one-page only since the first page is an eye-catching page for a hiring manager, detail your experiences, qualifications and achievements in the first page (in summary). Customize your CV according to hiring requirements, do not detail much which is not important for the employer. For it, you must learn about the company and its profile before customizing your CV.

In CV, you can indicate the hiring manager that you are on visit visa and it’s going to on so and so date, (Visa Status: Visit Visa, expires on XX-XX-2017). It’ll automatically indicate to the hiring manager that you won’t be available after that date if the hiring company is interested in your CV.

In the cover letter, write that you can be reached at your home country at the phone number, email, or skype. All these contacts should also be included in your CV.

Walk-in interviews

Try to go to walk-in interviews as many as possible and also send your CV to recruitment agencies. During the interview, you can tell the hiring manager that you are on visit visa and your visa is going to expire on so and so date. Thereafter, the manager can reach you at your home country contact details. Don’t tell that you have a family problem and you are on visit visa that could affect family if failed to get a job. Don’t show desperation, it’s not the professional manner. If the hiring manager wants to hire you, (s)he will contact you even at your home.

After the interview, don’t forget to thank the interviewer via Email that includes a signature with contact details, that is, how can be reached. Contact details should be consists of your home country phone number, Skype name and Email address, (Home country phone number, in case, your visa is about to expire and you are going to leave).

I hope that all above-mentioned information will help you one day. Hopefully, you’ll impress the hiring manager and you’ll get a job very soon.

If you are not successful, don’t lose the hope that you’ll not find a job. Try continuously to find a job even from your home-country, perhaps, you’ll find the employer who will invite you for a Skype interview. I, personally, faced a successful Skype interview from my home-country to work in the Gulf country because I was away from the place of the interviewer and the hiring manager was interested to hire me.

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