Don’t leave the Facebook, but don’t disclose privacy, either

The Facebook records precise geolocation information of every post that has been posted, including videos and photographs.

Privacy on Facebook? there’s always diplomacy behind every free-service offered to you, the free-service you receive from Facebook or Google is not a free service. In other words, if you’re not buying any product or service then you are their product.

The Facebook collects detailed information about you, your every log-in, every like, every post, every chat message even if you deleted. The Facebook records precise geolocation information of every post that has been posted, including videos and photographs.

The Facebook is doing all of this, so, it can target users with advertisements more accurately as per their online activities, online behavior or interests. Therefore, the Facebook want to collect as much information of its users as it can, that is, your preferences, your page likes, your purchases, your religious and political affiliations, in order to push suitable advertisements.

Secondly, intelligence agencies want to do the very same thing, so in consequence, they’re mutually reinforced.

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We, the users, willingly give all the data to the Facebook whatever it wants to collect about us, in order to receive the service Facebook provides.

Social media companies like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. want us to spend more time on their platform so they can make more profits from advertisements pushed on us.

Once you are logged in on Facebook, Twitter, or Google and you stay logged in then you are on their tab whatever you do on other websites with a Facebook like button or Twitter share button or alike. You’re are on track whenever you visit a website with such buttons. Our website,, too have such buttons, hence, if you’re logged in then you’re on social media tracking. These companies know that you visit this website even if you do not click on their buttons, they are notified that you visit this web page. Therefore, if you do not want to be tracked then try to logged-off before visiting other websites.

What information you have for their advertising business?

  • Where you live and places you visits,
  • to whom you contact frequently,
  • to whom you are friend with,
  • What religious and political affiliation you disclosed,
  • What types of posts you shares, likes,
  • what products or pages you like, etc..

All these information are enough for market research study to specialized.

For market research study, there are so many companies specialized in market research making millions of dollars from such private information about people in a particular location. Therefore, you can now imagine the value of your private information you are disclosing on the Facebook publicly or privately.

Sara Ashley O’Brien @saraashleyo on CNN: “After downloading my stored data on the site — I’ve been a member since 2004 — I was presented with an enormous amount of personal details that have been collected about me over the years.

“It had the phone number of my late grandmother who never had a Facebook account, or even an email address. It preserved the conversations I had with an ex– someone with whom I thought I had deleted my digital ties. It even recalled times I was “poked,” a feature I had forgotten about. I also learned that Kate Spade New York and MetLife have me on their advertiser lists.

“Staring at the data was not only creepy but it drudged up painful memories.

“Facebook also preserved conversations I had with people I’ve tried to forget. But apparently, I didn’t try hard enough. That includes the guy I dated on and off for several years.

“I hadn’t actively deleted our Messenger conversations. (Messenger is the chat app also owned by Facebook). I needed to delete the history of our conversations in order to erase it from Facebook’s digital memory … and mine if I ever want to look back at my data and not see those conversations.”

Don’t Leave the Facebook even if you don’t trust it

After revelations regarding the use of personal data by Cambridge Analytica for supporting Trump’s campaign, many people are thinking to leave the Facebook. But, leaving social media would be isolating themselves, the social media in our age has become an essential conduit for interacting people you don’t know. Also, the facebook is doing very well job to connect your relatives and friends in a single platform – even it helped to connect relatives and friends you never had any conversation for years.

What you should NOT do? You should avoid revealing much about yourselves, avoid using the Facebook Messenger for your private chats, instead try WhatsApp or use Signal Private Messenger (if you don’t trust the promise of WhatsApp encryption). You might be using Mobile App that always stay logged in – it might be spying all your activities from your Mobile Handset.

Therefore, I’m suggesting you uninstall Mobile App and login to the Facebook on the browser whenever you want, then log out.

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