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Working in Dubai? Why expatriates prefer to work in Dubai?

Dubai has become a microcosm embracing more than 200 nationalities from all over the world that lives in harmony in the city.

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  • Spoken Languages in Dubai
  • UAE Population by Nationality
  • Multi-cultural workforce from all over the world
  • The UAE is the third-best country!
  • Dubai is famous for the luxurious hub
  • Dubai is comfortable place to explore
  • The climate of Dubai is predictably hot
  • Safety and security for people working in Dubai
  • Tax-Free Income for people working in Dubai

Working in Dubai? Dubai is a city and an emirate. Dubai was a city-state before its union with the United Arab Emirates. Dubai is yet an Emirate, independently joined the Union of the United Arab Emirates. Dubai is the most popular place for expats and tourists, and the largest city of the United Arab Emirates by population and suburban areas. The UAE’s majority of tourists and expats are attracted to Dubai.

The official language of Dubai Emirate’s is Arabic, but English is the language of business and it’s commonly used in the daily communications between its diversified expatriate population. Other languages such as Urdu, Hindi, Bengali, Malayalam, Balochi, Talagu, Persia, Tamil, Sindhi and Kurdish are also widely spoken in Dubai. The majority of UAE population are from countries where these languages are spoken, thus these languages influenced the Dubai culture and day-to-day lifestyle. If UAE population were 100 than Indians are 28, Pakistanis are 13, locals are just 11, according to AbuDhabi2. UAE’s official language Arabic is considered at risk as Arabs are the minority portion of the population of the United Arab Emirates since the rapid growth of the UAE led the country an influx of foreign workers and entrepreneurs. So, along with the expatriates, their languages and cultures are also melted into the Dubai culture.

Many expats from countries, that have a significant portion of UAE’s population, do not worry about language barrier. Therefore, they consider working in an atmosphere of a home away from home.

UAE Population by Nationality

Nationality% Percentage
Sri Lanka3%
Other Countries18%

UAE has 2.6 million Indians, 1.2million Pakistanis than the UAE population which is at 1 million, than Bangladeshis at 700K and Philipinos at 525K. More than 50% of people come from South Asia, the South Asia consists of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Srilanka as per data. [Table Data Source:]

Dubai is a city of multi-nationalities

Dubai has become a microcosm embracing more than 200 nationalities from all over the world that lives in harmony in the city. Accordingly, anyone wants to learn more about the world just from one single nation; it is the United Arab Emirates. Dubai is its largest city and most popular for tourists and expats. If you’re working in the corporate organisation, you will notice Dubai’s diversity in its corporate world.

Dubai Fountain. IMAGE CREDIT: Sam/Flickr

The UAE is the third-best country!

According to an Indian newspaper Assignment Abroad Times, “The UAE has been ranked the third-best country in the world for expatriates based on a host of parameters, including finance, lifestyle and raising kids, according to HSBC’s Expat Explorer Survey. The survey shows that the UAE ranks No 1 in the world when it comes to the nicest cars being driven by expats and almost a third of foreign workers in the country fall into the top earners’ category, making it a lucrative move for them. “The UAE continues to be a good location for those who enjoy the finer things in life, with expats here much more likely to have access to luxuries than average (43 per cent v/s 32 percent average). This could be a result of the country’s rating in the Expat Economics Income league table, with expats here being among the highest earners,” said the report. The country ranks a high No. 5 worldwide in terms of luxuries enjoyed by expats, including driving nice cars, living in bigger properties, more luxurious holidays, disposable income and healthcare facilities etc.”

Dubai’s becoming a luxurious hub

Dubai is famous for the luxurious shopping, a lively nightlife scene, skyscraper-filled skyline, ultra-modern architecture. Dubai’s overwhelming economic growth and it’s becoming a luxurious hub attracted many people around the world to settle down in Dubai, or for seeking jobs in Dubai. Thus, Dubai becomes a cultural melting pot of all existing cultures around the world. Dubai Emirate hosts people from almost all nationalities of the world.

“Dubai is a city of extremes in many ways; determined to hang on to its cultural heritage, the emirate continues to race into the 21st century, embracing the technological advancements of the modern world,” according to

Downtown Dubai. IMAGE CREDIT: Mispahn/Flickr

In short, Dubai is the luxurious and tourist capital of the United Arab Emirates. People in Dubai are from myriad backgrounds.

You’ll not suffer from boredom while working in Dubai

Boredom is something strange if you’re talking about Dubai. If you’ve decided for working in Dubai, the Emirate offers you so many recreational activities, events, and alike where you could get around in your free time. You could always encounter something new in Dubai to do, see or to experience. Dubai Mall is also home to one of the world’s largest aquariums and aquatic zoos, Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, complete with a 270-degree walk-through tunnel for a truly immersive experience of the deep sea, according to the Forbes.

Ski Dubai. IMAGE CREDIT: Alberto Gonzalez Rovira/Flickr

In short, there are so many other places in Dubai to enjoy. Thereby, the quality of life in Dubai is very high. It makes a comfortable place to explore, live and work in Dubai. Living in Dubai can change the worldview of individuals after experiencing its culture and its myriad background of expatriates. As a tourist, when you move back to your home you’ll compare everything with whatever you experienced in Dubai.

Hot temperature and the life of working in Dubai

The climate of Dubai is predictably hot, but the majority of people working in Dubai don’t have to worry. There is incredible air conditioning environment from the bus stop to shops, restaurants, place of work, home even labour accommodations, etc. Furthermore, there is a plan to build world’s first ‘temperature-control’ indoor ‘City’ in Dubai Emirate. “Dubai’s ruler Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum has unveiled plans for the Mall of the World — a 48 million-sq.-ft. (4.5 million square meters) the shopping centre, to be the world’s largest, which will also form the world’s first temperature-controlled “city,” according to

In a statement, “This project complements our plans to transform Dubai into a cultural, tourist and economic hub for the 2 billion people living in the region around us; and we are determined to achieve our vision,” according to

Safety and security for people working in Dubai

UAE has the lowest crime rate of 1.5%. Thus, you’re very safe to remain, safer than many other countries. Many of tourists feel much safer than their homeland and other parts of the world they visited.

“While I am still always diligent in my surroundings, life in Dubai is safe. There aren’t any senseless tragedies involving gun violence. For the most part, I do not feel the need to lock my car or home. In one instance when I happened to leave my purse (with money and identification cards) in a taxi, the taxi driver called me the next morning and returned everything as I left it. Yes, I made sure he was compensated for his actions. Also, this story is the rule, not the exception.” (Ann Benjamin, Source: Her article.)

Tax-Free Income for people working in Dubai

Why you stay abroad? When you’re away from your family and friends and not able to save enough money? So, Dubai imposes no taxes on people working in Dubai, the emirate provides tax-free earning opportunities to invest elsewhere to all residents of the Dubai emirate. While working in Dubai you do not need to pay income tax, wealth tax or corporate tax.

CC0 License Image

“While investors get maximum profits on rented out property in Dubai, the benefit of having to pay no tax just means that a person can save enough money to invest elsewhere,” according to the Khaleej Times.

Why consider working in Dubai?

To conclude, following 8 things could be reasons for working in Dubai.
1. The salary you earn is tax-free. But, the cost of living could be expensive.
2. For Indian and South Asian, the flight hours is not longer.
3. Low crime rate and safe environment for a family life.
4. Most Muslims prefer Dubai to live for a modest environment of Muslim culture.
5. Due to being in one of the world’s economic powerhouses, it has plenty of job opportunities.
6. Multi-cultural workforce, the melting pot of all nationalities.
7. English and local languages of the majority population are widely spoken.
8. International work experience track record in CV/Resume to boost a career.

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