Living in Dubai

Is it possible to live in Dubai without speaking Arabic?

It's an advantage for if you learn a few Arabic phrases for speaking Arabic in order to receive a warm welcome in the country, at least with a smile.

Dubai is a city and the Emirate of the United Arab Emirates. The UAE is the bond of seven Emirates. The official language of all these Emirates, includes Dubai, is Arabic. Arabic is the language for all contracts and ascribed papers of the government. All papers from the UAE government are to hand in Arabic and will be within to get sticking together of in Arabic. If you need to sign anything, you should get a copy of official English translation of the paper.

All the road and highway signs, and advertising hoardings are in Arabic and English. Products information and logos for notice are in both languages in the United Arab Emirates. That is, available in the supermarkets and shops to sell in the United Arab Emirates.

Do you require speaking Arabic for a living?

For a survival in Dubai, you don’t need to speak Arabic. Although, Arabic is an attributed language of Dubai Emirate, English is the medium for the businesses. English is the language of hours of day-to-hours of daylight communication along in the company of its diversified population. Other languages, for instance, Urdu, Hindi, Bengali, Malayalam, Balochi, Talagu, Persia, Tamil, Sindhi and Kurdish are widely spoken in Dubai. The majority of the UAE population are from countries where these languages came from.

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Since the UAE nationals are a minority surrounded by Dubai population, you’ll require speaking English or the language that is spoken by expatriates. UAE Nationals too, speak English (exception of a few). Generally, you’ll meet locals from the Police department, or from the government departments. But, in Dubai markets, you’ll not interact with locals since the most of the front-line employees at workplaces are from auxiliary countries.

UAE Population

Nationality% Percentage
Sri Lanka3%
Other Countries18%

Speaking Arabic for doing a job in Dubai?

You are not necessarily required to speak Arabic for a living in Dubai and to work in Dubai. For take steps in Dubai, you may be the part of a company that has its staffs from a foreign country or your home-country. In such a company, it’s likely that you won’t require speaking Arabic (perhaps, English too) for daylight-to-daylight conversation.

But, it’s an advantage for you if you learn a few Arabic phrases in order to receive a warm welcome in the country, at least with a smile. If you’re seeking to learn Arabic fluency for advancing your career. Subsequently, there are courses clear in Dubai for your adjacent step. Learning Arabic would lead you your future, you would have potentialities for a job in public relations, or in government departments, or in real estate companies, particularly.

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