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Is Dubai safe place for a woman living alone?

In Dubai, as a woman, you can move around the city at late night without any fear or worry. Women have a lot of respect in Dubai.

Is Dubai safe for females?

There is nothing in Dubai to worry, Dubai is a highly safe place for everyone – men, and women. Dubai is one of the safest cities for women in the world. Dubai Police is also very friendly and helpful.

In Dubai, as a woman, you can move around the city at late night without any fear or worry. Women have a lot of respect in Dubai. In most of the public places, you will find separate counters for women. Dubai is very safe as long as you respect the local laws, traditions, and culture. Men in Dubai are respectful towards women that look act modestly.

A vast majority of the people in Dubai you’ll interact with are from other countries especially from India, Pakistan and other South Asian countries, so if they committed a crime, they’d be deported immediately, which prevents crime. If you are a tourist in Dubai, you won’t interact with UAE nationals, since most of the frontline employees are from other countries.

The Dubai police provide an incredible safety for women by patrolling the city 24×7. You can spot a Dubai Police patrol wherever you go. If you dial 999 helplines number for help, they will be there to assist you within two minutes. Importantly, the Dubai police command respect and fear for their commitment. Unlike in India, where you can settle the matters with bribes, that is unthinkable in Dubai.

Experience of others from Dubai

“While I am still always diligent in my surroundings, life in Dubai is safe. There aren’t any senseless tragedies involving gun violence. For the most part, I do not feel the need to lock my car or home. In one instance when I happened to leave my purse (with money and identification cards) in a taxi, the taxi driver called me the next morning and returned everything as I left it. Yes, I made sure he was compensated for his actions. Also, this story is the rule, not the exception.” (Ann Benjamin, Source: Her article.)

Dubai is a very safe place to live and to visit, the city is without any street crime, and you’ll face no particular issues for your being a woman in Dubai. You’re out or in and about on your own as a lone woman at all time of the day and night, and you will never feel uncomfortable or unsafe in Dubai or any one of other six emirates of the United Arab Emirates.

In conclusion, Dubai is a very safe city for a single female traveller, you will find it safer than many places you visited, and you should have no worries about travelling around the city at any time. Dubai is the gem of the Middle East where tradition intersects with modernism; where the city’s energy is palpable.

Shauna Basyouni says: “Beyond safe! I have never felt safer than living in Dubai even walking around 4 am or leaving my handbag with wallet sitting on the table go to the ladies room came back, and nothing is disturbed. Here in the (United) States no way.”

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