Dubai, the futuristic city, is about to add “Drone Taxi” service

The future city is about to add a space-age service of self-flying drone taxi in the city that you won't find elsewhere on the planet.

The world’s capital of skyscrapers, Dubai, will have drone taxis very soon for passengers around the city.  Dubai is a city that loves crowning, it has world’s tallest skyscraper Burj Khalifa, world’s largest indoor resort Ski Dubai, mentioning a few. Dubai police drive high-end supercars, consequently, Dubai police is world’s fastest police.

Now, the city of skyscrapers will have another record in the world, it’ll carry passengers in pilotless flying taxis or drones taxis. According to report, Dubai will be world’s first city that will allow pilotless flying taxis or drones taxis zipping passengers. Dubai will also be the world’s first stop of Hyperloop, a tube vehicle faster than a plane.

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Dubai, the futuristic city, is about to add a space-age service that you won’t find elsewhere on the planet. According to Arabian Business, Space Autonomous Drones is currently seeking legal approval from the Dubai Government, with an official launch date forecast to take place between 2018 and 2019.

“We look forward to starting our operations in Dubai, and the modernity and diversity of the city’s landscape is a great advantage for us. We will be utilizing our considerable experience in the drones industry to provide a one-of-a-kind service that suits this one-of-a-kind city,” said Lukas Wrede, founder & CEO of Skycart.

The autonomous drone taxis will fly passengers on predetermined routes throughout the city, serving as more of a sky shuttle service than a true go-anywhere taxi. The test period will start sometime during the fourth quarter of this year, and the RTA expects to continue on a trial basis for about five years until the proper legislation is in place for a bigger expansion, according to Mashable.

How to operate a Dubai drone taxi?

The design of these drones is to carry a single person with a handbag. According to, the operation is easy, the passenger simply selects their destination through a touch screen and the drone is then auto-piloted from the command centre. But, the Arabian Business says that the autonomous, self-flying drones operated by Space Autonomous Drones will be run on cutting-edge technology through a mobile application that enables businesses to manage and track their orders.

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