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1. Sponsored Ads or links are NOT posted by the blog author, they are automatically generated by ads network based on keywords used in the content or your searching behaviour, they are generated based on location or people targeted by the advertisers. They are generated by third-party, I have no control over it.

If you find ads offensive, the mudawwana.com cannot be blamed for, since it has no control over ads network. What I can do, is to block sensitive categories. I already blocked so many categories such as dating, politics, religious (that might include criticism), etc.

References citation

2. For writing articles, I used references to other websites. I am not responsible for contents available on that website, I only refer to a particular quote that includes in my article. If the link is expired, it doesn’t mean that my quotes have no origin or source.


3. Images that are for mere presentation, they are taken from either CC0 Licensed images or attribution required with “commercial use allowed” permission. Flickr images that are used in the mudawwana website have proper backlinks attribution. I just use that image because the permission is given for using freely. But in the case, if the stolen image is uploaded by the Flickr user, where the user permits everyone with a creative common license. And, such image is found on mudawwana.com, then the mudawwana.com is not responsible for a copyright claim since it has used the image due to the permission is given by the user. I am not going to investigate whether a particular image is user’s own, or a stolen one since I have no ability to do so. Therefore, I should not be held responsible for the copyright infringement. What I can do, is to remove the stolen image.

Or, if the image later deleted by the user or removed by a photostock website (due to copyright claim) without knowledge of the Mudawwana blog author. In this case, if you’re the owner of a particular image, you’ve to notify that your image has been removed from that link (the mudawwana has a backlink to)* or that’s website’s user stolen your image (which appears on mudawwana by the permission of the user).  I’ll remove if I find copyright infringement by the photostock website’s user.

*If there’s CC0 License tag, then there’s no backlink attribution in general.

Mudawwana.com or its author should not be held responsible if the user of a photostock website deleted an image after giving a permission to use, or a photostock website removed a particular image upon copyright claim and mudawwana or its author has no knowledge about it.

FAIR Use of an image, you may find that some images are used under fair use principle such as writing an article on a topic that is viral or writing about a tech company where using an image of the same company is necessary. Or, if the article needs to show the image when it’s talking about a particular cause or topic include news reporting or commenting on the image. Or, if the image/video is the central theatre of the article’s topic.

User Generated Contents

4. Users’ comments or posts posted by other than admin (Arif Mohammad). If they’re copyright-protected content, then make sure that they are not posted by me. I’ll remove upon request. Comments are usually user-generated, I have no control over user’s opinions.

Copyright protection

The copyright protection is limited to the content that is owned by Mudawwana.com. Do not copy content from any page of this website.


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