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Is Dieting Starvation? Change your Eating Habit

When body sense starvation, it will conserve body fat and might use muscles & organ, blood proteins, amino acids as the source of energy.

Dieting, as public perception, can be extremely difficult, that is, adhering to dietary guidelines strictly. Practically, you might require a year to change your eating habits – means – it is very difficult to give up a food from your habit you love/enjoy a lot.

First of all, dieting doesn’t mean starvation, that is, you shouldn’t give up all the foods from your meal – instead you have to change your eating habit. Therefore, consider replacing highly refined/processed foods with less processed/fresh home-made foods because the refining process eliminates important nutrients from the food like fibre, iron and B vitamins – manufacturers are doing so to extend the shelf life of the products.

However, foods that contain very low nutrients spoil much slower, manufacturers tend to use too much sugar, fat, salt, that is, cheapest possible ingredients. All of these are problematic nutrients for our health.

Eat all the colours of vegetables/fruits, reduce consumption of red-meat (up to 500gram/week) and eggs (up to 7eggs/week). Now, the question is: how can you change your eating habit? You should start work to change your first meal, that is, you can change your eating habit at only lunch, so follow this habit for a week or two weeks or longer until it becomes a healthy eating habit, then you can move for the next.

It would be great if you cook your foods yourself using the best possible whole foods (healthy) ingredients, you will eat better whatever you cooked yourself. The cooking habit will, surely, change your eating habit you will eat wholesome foods cooked by you, your eating behaviour will improve psychologically.

Be cautioned! do not think that starvation is dieting, do not put your body into survival mode since your body requires nutrients to function it.

When body sense starvation, it will conserve body fat and might use muscles & organ, blood proteins, amino acids as the source of energy. So, mentally your willpower to good eating habit will break-down when you are in the starving mode, and then due to personal failure, you would be manifested into junk-foods eating habits.

If you have a severe case of obesity consult your physician – not this article.  For caloric needs, not everyone has the same caloric needs, so consult a dietician or a qualified nutritionist.

You might be suffering from obesity or from hard-time to weight-gain, in both cases, you must be held firmly on your good eating habits, that is, avoid highly processed/refined foods from your eating habits, avoid junk foods since junk foods offer from low to zero benefits when nutritional requirement is concerned (instead junk food contain unhealthy ingredients). Also, junk foods lack sufficient enzymes or the enzymes producing elements to break down the substance. Therefore, it calls to the body to produce the appropriate enzymes on its own.

When discussing eating habit, it is essential to look at the body’s immediate need such as water and oxygen. Adequate intake of fluid is very important for the body to function it internally since a considerable amount of muscle is fluid, there is muscle shrinkage due to insufficient intake of fluid or dehydration. Similarly, there is muscle atrophy due to inactivity, there is muscle cannibalism due to starvation.

In conclusion, when you change your eating habits, you should motivate yourself to exercise, eat healty foods (by eliminating junk foods, highly processed/refined foods) and intake enough fluids required for your body.

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