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User posts/articles submitted without completing your short bio and without uploading your profile picture with social media/blog profile URL (that confirm your profile picture) will not be published.

*Please read this page completely before submitting posts/articles.*

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Your posts/articles should be original contents without copyrights violation of the third party. Otherwise, you are, as a user of this website, responsible for the copyrights violation.

You may contain the do-follow backlink to your website (Use HTML Codes*) which contains no illegal contents (or backlinks to illegal websites) such as pornographic, drugs, dating, wine-selling, etc.

All contents that are illegal in the United Arab Emirates will be disapproved and will not be published on this website, that is, such submissions will be deleted.

*Or login to Mudawwana WordPress Dashboard after registering and post your article visually without HTML Coding. Simply, after login > Go to Posts > Than Add New Post. Or Scroll your mouse at the top and go to +New > Than Post.

Your guest post should be relevant to the’s niche, irrelevant posts/articles might not be approved for publication.

When posting a guest article if you do not find a relevant category for your post – select uncategorized – we will select an appropriate category for your content. If you do not have your own featured image (free from copyrights) for your article – leave it – we will choose a representation image.

Topics of guest posts:

  • Middle East’s Current Affairs (Non-Political & Non-Religious)
  • Indian Current Affairs (Political are allowed – only for civil rights, but religious not allowed)
  • Islamophobia in the West
  • Middle Eastern Culture
  • Arab Culture in the West
  • Places to Visit in the Middle East and Turkey
  • Travel & Tourism (UAE or the Middle East and Turkey)
  • Lifestyle (UAE or the Middle East and Turkey)
  • Local Laws of the United Arab Emirates and the GCC countries
  • Technology (Privacy, Encryption, Mobile Apps or alike)
  • Health & Wellness (Foods, Nutrition, Hygiene, Recipes – NO Medical Article)
  • Middle East’s History (NO altered history)
  • Islamic History (with references)
  • India’s History (the historical texts shouldn’t be altered)
  • Leisure & Entertainment (NO Movies or Films article. Only Recreational information)

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