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If you want to submit an article as a guest post on, kindly register (registration link) and complete your profile – uploading your photo and writing short bio is mandatory.

Your guest post should be Copyscape passed and should be original contents without copyrights violation of the third party.

You may contain the do-follow backlink to your website or blog which contain no illegal contents such as pornographic material, drugs, wine-selling, etc. [that is, everything that is illegal in the United Arab Emirates] – your guest post would be disapproved if illegal backlinks are found.

Your guest post should be relevant to the’s niche, irrelevant posts might not be approved.

When posting a guest article if you do not find a relevant category for your post – select uncategorized – we will select a category for your content. If you do not have your own featured image for your article – leave it – we will choose a representation image.

Topics of guest posts:

  • Middle East’s Current Affairs (Non-Political & Non-Religious)
  • Indian Current Affairs (Political are allowed – only for civil rights, but religious not allowed)
  • Islamophobia in the West
  • Middle Eastern Culture
  • Arab Culture in the West
  • Places to Visit in the Middle East and Turkey
  • Travel & Tourism (UAE or the Middle East and Turkey)
  • Lifestyle (UAE or the Middle East and Turkey)
  • Local Laws of the United Arab Emirates and the GCC countries
  • Technology (Privacy, Encryption, Mobile Apps or alike)
  • Health & Wellness (Foods, Nutrition, Hygiene, Recipes – NO Medical Article)
  • Middle East’s History (NO altered history)
  • Islamic History (with references)
  • India’s History (the historical texts shouldn’t be altered)
  • Leisure & Entertainment (NO Movies or Films article)

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