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Budget and Cheap Foods in Dubai

Dubai city is home to all budgets and all nationalities with a wealth of eateries to match since the city has an influx of migrant workers and residents.

What is the impact of migrant population to Dubai?

Cheap foods are the basic requirement for the migrant work force in Dubai. The immigrant population in Dubai has the influx of people from many countries around the world, people from India, Pakistan, Iran, Egypt, Philipines, Jordan, and Bangladesh have a significant presence in Dubai’s immigrant population.

Therefore, Dubai city is home to all budgets and all nationalities with a wealth of eateries to match since the city has an influx of migrant workers and residents. Dubai’s native population is less than 14% of total Dubai’s population. Therefore, the immigrant population is significantly representing the city in term of the economy or social base, or the city’s day to day life.

Cheap Foods in Dubai’s Cheapest Area

The languages that are widely in Dubai are Urdu, Hindi, and English rather than Arabic which is native and official language of Dubai. The impact of the immigrant population has a direct effect on Dubai’s style and lifestyle. Therefore, Dubai has affordable places for cheap foods consumption. Simply, walk through the streets of Dubai’s old city “Deira”, the city’s cheaper district to buy anything including foodstuff, you can also find yummy cuisines of all over the world with by spending only a few dirhams. Not only “Deira”, there’s “Bur Dubai” which is also considered a cheaper place include for cheap foods, Bur Dubai is very close to Deira in Dubai – you just need a ferry.

Deira is the historical commercial hub of Dubai, Bur Dubai is the historical mainland Dubai.

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Deira, Dubai. IMAGE CREDIT: Serge Bystro/Flickr

Cheap Foods in Dubai

Whether there’s such a thing as a free meal is available in Dubai or not, I leave you to argue over it. But, in Dubai, there’s definitely a cheap foods option always available for you if you get out of your luxurious premises. There are so many restaurants in the old city where they offer a meal for less than 20 dirhams, the old city is directly connected to Dubai Metro and RTA Bus networks – if you don’t wish to hire a taxi since taxis are expensive means of transports in Dubai – the Metro is clean and air-conditioned. Therefore, the Metro is the best way to experience the Dubai city.

For cheap foods, you’ll have to sit on plastic chairs at one of the busiest streets in Dubai, with a noisy background and try non-western cuisines. The menu could be extensive or confusing and don’t expect any help from the staff for the menu details. Also, they’re serving spicy foods if you select an Indian or Pakistani restaurant.

Nevertheless, at the KFC or McDonald’s, you can taste your conventional foods with affordable prices. But, restaurants mentioned above are cheaper than the KFC or McDonald’s. Moreover, you can also find other restaurants that are serving non-spicy foods such as Chinese restaurants or alike.

In conclusion, if you’re travelling to Dubai from India you could think of Dubai as expensive. Since it’s an expensive place to live if you compare Indian cities. But if you’re in Dubai from one of the western countries for experiencing or to live in Dubai, you’ll find Dubai very cheap place. The place to visit or to live with expensive infrastructure and facilities – related infrastructure that you’ve in Europe and America.

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