Scam Alert: Beware from Blackmails over Pornography

The Director of the FBI has defended covering occurring the webcam regarding his computer considering a piece of the record.

I just got an Email claiming that I have visited a pornographic website with teens where I downloaded and installed software developed by the person sending Email. The scammer further claims (falsely) that his/her program has turned ON my camera to record the process of masturbation.

The fact is: I never visited such a website nor I downloaded such software. This is absolute scam Email, therefore, one should not be trapped by such scammers instead of using the term Hackers. They might be hackers in reality, but the fact is that they have not hacked any of my devices secured by McAfee. They are just sending phishing Emails to scam people fitted with their version of the explanation of their Emails.

The hacker in Email asks for payment of 2000 USD in exchange of files deletion that does not exist.

Here are the screenshots:

One can not deny that such hacking won’t happen. Therefore, do not download and install untrusted software or mobile apps. Do not visit such websites where you will become vulnerable to compromise your privacy.

The advice is not only for visiting pornographic websites but also for visiting websites that contain malware to snoop your banking or credit card details. So, always use a valid Anti-Malware Anti-Virus software that protects you from being compromised.

Do not click on spam Email’s link that might redirect to downloading malware without your notice. Emails say that confirm your so and so account that are actually not from the concerned service provider. That is, the sender is not sending from the concerned domain’s Email account. They are sending from general emails such as Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook, etc. using a title such as Microsoft Team, Paypal Team, etc.

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Stay safe when browsing net banking

Do not use VPN while accessing net banking. Do not respond to phishing Emails. Do not click on malicious links sent to you via Email, IM, etc. Always use anti-virus anti-malware software or mobile app that protects you from redirecting to unsafe links, such software actively blocks such links from opening in your browser. Also, alerting you from malware apps or software you downloaded and installed.

Tape your camera for your privacy

“The Director of the FBI has defended covering occurring the webcam regarding his computer considering a piece of record, describing it as a common prudence security engagement.

“Speaking at a conference at the Center for Strategic and International Studies this week, James Comey said that there are some sensible things you should be press in advance, and that’s one of them,’’ The Telegraph said.

Do not think that you are alone when you are connected to the internet, someone may be watching you or recording you. For your privacy, taping your camera and microphone is highly advisable.

How hackers attack webcams

According to Norton, “Most hackers utilize so-called Trojan horse attacks, says Stiennon. You click on an attachment or download a piece of music or video infected with malware, and a hacker is able to remotely control your PC’s functions.’’

“The ultimate security control is to cover the lens,’’ Fox says

Don’t keep PCs, tablets, and smartphones with the camera in bedrooms. advised: “tape over the webcam if you’re using a borrowed machine – you never know who might be watching.’’

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