Dubai’s Aladdin City is inspired by Aladdin and Sindbad

Aladdin City, the unique project comprises three lamp-shaped towers, a project inspired by the fables of Aladdin and Sindbad on Dubai Creek.

Aladdin, a Chinese boy, not from the Middle East

The story of Aladdin is one of the most popular stories, there’s something about the story that is universally known, the story is the part of Alif Laila the Arabian Nights translation though it has nothing to do with the Alif Laila. The TV serial Alif Laila was a very popular TV show in the 1990s in India and the Aladdin animated film is widely watched throughout India and many other countries.

The featured youngster in the story and the Disney’s film (1992) was not from the Middle East as some people associate with the Middle East and Persia. According to story’s earlier version, Aladdin was from China, a poor youngster. He was not an expat in China, he was a Chinese boy. Also, he was not an Arab who’s brought up in China or end-up to China (if brought-up somewhere else). Aladdin was a lazy boy, he lived with his mother at home, he was not an orphan boy.

Krystyn R. Moon notes that when the tale of Aladdin manifested in the Arabian Nights for the first time, it was set in the western China, with some sights from North Africa although it’s not the place of Aladdin.

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The fable of Aladdin inspired Dubai to build a project that attracts tourists from across the globe since it’s very popular story that produced a super hit film.

Sindbad the Sailor

Sinbad (or, Sindbad) is considered a fictional sailor and the hero of a Middle Eastern tale; he is described as a resident of Baghdad, during the period of Abbasid Caliphate. He is one of the most popular figures of Arab tales, in his tales he fought extraordinary monsters, explored amazing lands and met with preternatural forces when he sailed the Indian Ocean.

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The project of Aladdin city in Dubai is also inspired by the fable of Sindbad along with Aladdin.

Aladdin City in Dubai

Work on the detailed design of Aladdin City, a project inspired by the fables of Aladdin and Sindbad, on Dubai Creek is currently under way, a senior Dubai Municipality official has said to Arabian Business.

Aladdin City, announced in 2014, consists of three commercial and hotel towers. It will have air-conditioned bridges (in the form of dragons and snakes) with moving floors to connect the towers, driveways and parking lots, according to Arabian Business.

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“The development of such a project in this area will have a global cultural and historical impact and pride for generations to come, and will contribute to the progress of the emirate and its dream to be No 1 in everything,” Hussain Nasser Lootah, Director-General of the Dubai Municipality, said when the project was announced in 2014. (whatson.ae)

Accordingly, the project of Aladdin city would have an economic impact on Dubai, it’d boost the Dubai tourism for a long term. The project is modern but it has a reflection of history and culture, and adventure, particularly due to stories and super hit and popular films. Dubai already has many theme parks that bring some characters into reality, similarly, the Aladdin City would be the biggest attraction in near future.

According to VisitDubai, “Inspired by the classic tales of Aladdin and Sinbad, this unique Dubai project comprises three lamp-shaped towers, a hotel and two commercial towers, built in the middle of Dubai Creek. The towers of different heights will be connected by a 450m, air-conditioned pedestrian bridge, leading to parking stations away from the site.”

The project of Aladdin City is expected to be ready by 2018 or 2019 since the completion date has yet to be revealed. The total area is estimated about 110,000m2. Thereby, by the year 2020, you’d have the Aladdin city in Dubai before the World Expo 2020.

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