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In UAE, it is an offense to use any IT means for adult contents

It is an offense in UAE to post adult contents - including pictures of women in bikini for encouraging sinful activities - on social media.

According to, “content contrary to morality, social cohesion: It is an offense to use any IT means for activities which are inconsistent with public morals and good conduct including content that is un-Islamic, blasphemous, lewd, that encourages sinful activity, or that is aimed at corrupting minors, etc.”

Therefore, it is an offense in UAE to post adult contents – including pictures of women in bikini for encouraging sinful activities – on social media includes Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr or through blogging.

Doing such things using a VPN to hide one’s criminal activity is also a crime since VPN companies could expose your online activities to the authority if the government asks for your activities, that is, if the government asks VPN companies to provide details whatever you are doing online.

Most VPNs under the jurisdiction – (even paid-one) – are not immune from the exposure to the government. In fact, VPNs are designed to protect you from cybercrimes, online threats or privacy breaches, they are not designed for doing illegal activities by hiding one’s crimes. Furthermore, many VPNs are claiming that they have the no-log policy – but in fact, they are not hiding your activities from the government authorities if they are subjected to the jurisdiction in the country where they are based.

On the other hand, if you are using Social Media mobile application it could detect your location through GPS/Location Service or during VPN connection and disconnection, as the Facebook record all of your data including every single chat message (even if you deleted), your every post, your login location information, etc… and Facebook/Twitter or other websites may notify to the government as per required by the jurisdiction.

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On Facebook, do not post vulgar images or videos – you might get caught and fall into serious legal consequences. In fact, do not do anything on social media which is contrary to the public moral in the UAE. By doing so, you might get caught if someone informs to the UAE authorities that what you are doing online while residing in UAE.

The pornography is prohibited content in the UAE; if you share them on the Facebook or on other websites – you certainly break the UAE law. The UAE authority blocks all internet contents that are offensive to the public moral. So, if you find particular content is blocked in the UAE and you are posting same contents then you are breaking the UAE law (prohibiting such contents). Inevitably, you might face the serious legal trouble in the United Arab Emirates – in the case when someone notifies to the authority or your data is intercepted by the UAE authorities.

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